Advanced Microfabrication Facility (AMF)

Advanced Microfabrication Facility
Engineering 1, Rooms 124 & 163
Orlando, FL 32816
Phone: 407-882-1500 or 407-823-3584 or 407-823-4517

The Advanced Microfabrication Facility (AMF) is a multi-user cleanroom facility dedicated to providing university researchers and industrial and government partners the capabilities to perform cutting edge research, and training and education of students in the use of the available equipment for fabrication and testing of microdevices. AMF consists of a 600 sq. ft. class 100 facility and a 2,500 sq. ft. class 1000 facility.

The AMF is supported by a research associate, a graduate student assistant, and a facilities coordinator to assist all users in the use of and training on the AMF equipment. Collaboration of UCF researchers with other universities, government agencies, and industrial companies is strongly encouraged.

Available Equipment/Techniques

Lithographic Processing

  • Pattern Generator
  • EVG 620 Dual sided mask aligner
  • AutoGlow Plasma Asher
  • LFE Barrel Asher
  • Nanonex NEX2500 Nano-Imprinter
  • Quintel Mask Aligner
  • Tamarak Contact Printer
  • MJB -3 Mask Aligners

Thin Film Processing

  • AJA Six-Gun Sputtering System
  • AJA Three-Gun Sputtering System
  • AJA 2-Gun, 10 Pocket E-Beam┬áSystem with Ion-Assist Source
  • CHA E-Beam Evaporation
  • EVG 510 Wafer Bonder
  • Plasma Technology - RIE
  • Edwards Filament Evaporator
  • Cryo Filament Evaporation
  • Cryo Small Single Sputtering


  • J.A. Woollam Spectral Ellipsometer
  • Rudolph Ellipsometer
  • Signatone 8" Four Point Probe
  • Magnetron Four Point Probe
  • Keithley CF System
  • HP 4145B Transistor Analyzer
  • HP 4192LF Impedance Analyzer
  • DC Probe Station
  • Tektronix Curve Tracers
  • VEECO-Interferometric Profiler
  • Alpha Step Profilometer
  • Nikon Measurement Microscope
  • Nikon Inspection Microscope
  • Micro-Positioner
  • Micropositioner - 6 Axis

General Lab Equipment

  • Mini-Brute 4" Phosphorus and Boron Diffusion furnaces
  • Exhaust hoods, wet processing benches, including RCA-1 & 2 cleans, TMAH silicon etch, and chemical metal etching.
  • Isotemp Programmable Furnace
  • Mini-Brute 4" wet and dry silicon oxidation furnaces

How to Use the Facility

  • All work performed at AMF requires a work order form
  • UCF users will need to submit a completed work order form signed by their advisor.
  • Other University or industry or government users will need to provide a Purchase Order made to UCF/AMPAC
  • Completed work order forms and Purchase Orders may be submitted via email to, or faxed to (407) 882-1502


Dr. Kevin Coffey
(407) 823-2175
Mr. Ed Dein
Research Associate
(407) 823-3584
Ms. Karen Glidewell
Facility Coordinator
(407) 882-1500

Please Acknowledge Us

Any publications or presentations resulting from data obtained or samples prepared by the AMF engineer/faculty should acknowledge the assistance of the engineer/faculty member and/or center as:

"Advanced Microfabrication Facility
University of Central Florida"

Please provide a reprint of any publication in which the AMF and its faculty, research associate, or students are acknowledged.

Thank You.

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